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Who are we?

At the beginning of 2019, Jurriaan Dane, Thamar Sikkes and Laura Wolfs came up with the idea to start this news blog. They all followed the master's degree: Internet, Intellectual Property and ICT at the VU University Amsterdam and noticed that they enjoyed writing about current legal topics. However, they missed a platform that published news about internet, intellectual property or privacy law that was managed by students. That is exactly why they launched the website:


With an annually changing editorial team and a changing team of authors, 'Technology, privacy and law' allows a select group of master's students to publish legal news articles. In addition, masterclasses will be given to the authors in order to develop their legal writing skills.

Since September 2020, 'Technology, privacy and law' has been working together with Digi Juridica . Digi Juridica is the study association for students of the master Internet, ICT and Intellectual Property and the international master International Technology Law.  From Digi Juridica, board member Maria Craane fulfills one of the positions of chief editor. In November 2020 Jurriaan, Thamar and Laura handed over the baton to Irma Visser and Elise van Lonkhuijzen, who are also master students of the Internet, IP and ICT law programn. Together with the authors Maria, Irma and Elise are very excited to make this blog an even greater success!


Are you a student and did you get excited to participate in writing? Then you can sign up  here!

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Want to become an author too? 

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